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Chin Strap Support Compression Garment (CH02) - Isavela Compression Garments

Mentonera (CH02)

Mentonera (CH02)


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Healing in Support

Picture this: your face is like a work of art, delicately crafted by your surgeon's skilled hands. After surgery, it needs some TLC to heal just right. That's where Isavela's garments come in! With their gentle compression, they wrap you in a comforting embrace, reducing swelling and providing support to your newly sculpted features, all while keeping you comfy as can be.

Your Recovery, Your Way

At Isavela, we get that everyone's journey is unique – just like you! Whether you're rocking a post-rhinoplasty nose or flaunting a fresh facelift, they've got the perfect garment to suit your needs. From full-face wraps to chic chin straps, it's all about personalized support for your one-of-a-kind transformation.