Breast Support

Breast Lift, Implant, Reduction or Mastectomy

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Body Suits

Perfect for Mommy Make-Overs, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

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Liposuction of the upper back and arms, arm lift arm liposuction

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Compression garments keep swelling in check and keep discomfort to a minimum so you can recover beautifully.


Soft, breathable non-medical mask


Our soft-touch fabric is lightweight and silky smooth with 4-way stretch no matter how many washes.

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Our Antimicrobial Fabric can inhibit 99.9% bacteria growth which make your garments odor-free, and prevent breakouts and skin irritation.

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We know you work hard and so does our products. Our moisture wicking draws moisture away from the body keeping you cool and fresh.

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First and second stage garments: What's the difference? - Isavela Compression Garments

First and second stage garments: What's the difference?

Posted by Sarah Silva

Stage One garments provide proper compression immediately following surgery and are to be worn as your doctor specifies. This zippered garment with hooks and eyes, and reinforced seams, allows for uniform...

Does compression help sagging skin? - Isavela Compression Garments

Does compression help sagging skin?

Posted by Sarah Silva

The garment minimizes and smooths saggy skin. It’s natural for skin to sag after the fat is removed. Without the right compression garment, skin doesn’t heal in the right place....

Less bruising, more comfort. - Isavela Compression Garments

Less bruising, more comfort.

Posted by Sarah Silva

Well-made surgical compression garments are designed to provide the perfect amount of pressure uniformly across your body. This keeps swelling in check and keeps discomfort to a minimum. Without the...

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