Glute Surgery

Woman wearing a post-surgical compression girdle with mid-thigh length, high waist, and glute-lifting features for support and shaping during recovery.
High Waist Mid Thigh Length Buttocks Enhancing Compression Girdle with Zipper (BE03) - Isavela Compression Garments
Body Suit Below the Knee with Suspender Buttocks Enhancing Compression Girdle with Zipper (BE05-BK)
Low Waist Panty Length Buttocks Enhancing Compression Garment (BE01) - Isavela Compression Garments

Navigating Your Recovery

Greetings, fellow traveler on the path to glute surgery recovery! Whether you've opted for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or glute augmentation, you're embarking on a journey towards a more confident you. But let's face it, the real magic happens during the healing process. That's where Isavela's garments step in to offer support, comfort, and assistance along the way.

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First Stage Garments

Imagine this: you've just undergone surgery, and your body is feeling tender and swollen. This is where Isavela's First Stage garments shine. Designed for the initial weeks post-op (around 1-2 weeks), these garments are equipped with zippers and hook closures, making them easy to put on and take off, even when your body is experiencing discomfort. They provide gentle support, like a reassuring hug for your recovering glutes.

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Below The Knee Closed Buttocks Enhancer Girdle Front Center Zipper Below the Knee Length Compression Garment (BE09-BK)

Second Stage Garments for Prolonged Comfort

As you progress into the following weeks (around 2-8 weeks post-op), consistent compression remains essential for optimal healing. Isavela's Second Stage garments step up to the plate during this phase. These pull-on designs offer a snug fit, providing the support and security you need throughout the day. Though they lack zippers, they're tailored specifically for this stage, ensuring comfort and effectiveness in aiding your recovery journey.