Enhance Your Recovery with the 12" Abdominal Plastic Surgery with Liposuction One Piece Binder – Unisex (AB03)

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In the journey of recovery from abdominal surgery or liposuction, choosing the right support garment is crucial. The 12" Abdominal Plastic Surgery with Liposuction One Piece Binder (Unisex) (AB03) stands out as an essential tool for anyone seeking comfort and effectiveness during their healing process.


Innovative Four Panel Design for Superior Comfort

The AB03 binder is thoughtfully designed with a four-panel Velcro® brand closure, offering unparalleled adjustability and support. This design is not just about a secure fit; it's about ensuring even compression across your surgical area to aid in faster and more comfortable recovery. Whether you're recovering from liposuction, a tummy tuck, hernia surgery, or seeking additional back support, this binder is versatile and effective.


Health Benefits: More Than Just a Compression Garment

Beyond acting as a compression garment, the AB03 binder plays a pivotal role in your recovery. It enhances blood circulation, minimizes post-surgical swelling, and aids in flushing out potentially harmful fluids from your body. These benefits collectively accelerate the healing process, allowing you to return to your daily activities sooner. Additionally, the binder supports your skin in adapting to new contours, ensuring a smoother healing journey.


Durable Construction with Patient Comfort in Mind

We understand that comfort is key, especially after surgery. That's why the AB03 binder is made with woven elastic anti-roll material for lasting compression and performance. Its soft plush side feels comfortable against your skin, while the hook engage-able material on the outside allows you to adjust the pressure to your comfort level. The binder comprises four 3" panels, making up a total width of 12", for optimal flexibility and support.


Unisex Design for a Broad Range of Users

This one-piece binder is ideal for both women and men, especially those with longer torsos, who are recovering from abdominal surgeries. The gentle yet firm Velcro® brand hook ensures a snug and secure fit, crucial for effective healing.


Safety First with Latex-Free Material

Your safety is our utmost concern. The AB03 binder is 100% latex-free, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation during your sensitive recovery period.


Important Purchase Information

Please note that our binders are non-refundable or exchangeable. We recommend consulting our measuring chart to find your perfect fit and maximize the binder's benefits.



The 12" Abdominal Plastic Surgery with Liposuction One Piece Binder (Unisex) (AB03) is more than just a shapewear; it's a crucial part of your recovery toolkit. Suitable for various abdominal surgeries, this binder guarantees comfort, support, and a smoother healing process. Embrace this essential step towards a quicker recovery. For more information and to purchase, visit Isavela.

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