Enhance Your Recovery with the Cardiac Surgery No Cups Compression Bra with Front Zipper (VS05)

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Experience unparalleled support during your breast surgery recovery with the Cardiac Surgery No Cups Compression Bra with Front Zipper (VS05). This specially designed compression garment is a crucial aid for those recovering from breast implants, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, mastectomies, or any other form of breast augmentation.


Understanding the Importance of a Surgical Bra

It's essential to differentiate between a Surgical Bra and Retail Bras. Surgical bras play a pivotal role in the recovery process. Unlike regular bras, they are specifically designed to reduce swelling, provide protection, and stabilize the breast area during the surgery recovery period.


Advanced Design for Optimal Recovery

The VS05 Compression Bra is engineered to facilitate the healing process of breast surgery. The bra features a plush 2" elastic band with VELCRO® Brand closure and adjustable shoulder straps, offering both comfort and support. The front padded zipper closure ensures easy wearability and adjustability, accommodating changes in size and shape during the recovery period.


Key Features for Enhanced Comfort and Support

This shapewear-style bra is designed with your recovery in mind. It's breathable, lightweight, and feels gentle against the skin, minimizing any discomfort during the healing process. The no-cup design is particularly beneficial for those with sensitivity post-surgery, offering compression without undue pressure on the surgical area.


Practicality Meets Durability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the VS05 Compression Bra is durable and retains its shape and compression even with extended wear and washing. The garment's latex-free fabric makes it suitable for those with latex sensitivities, ensuring a safer recovery journey.



The Cardiac Surgery No Cups Compression Bra with Front Zipper (VS05) is more than just a girdle or a faja; it's an essential component of your post-surgery recovery toolkit. Offering comfort, support, and stability, this bra is designed to help you return to your daily routines sooner and with confidence. For more information and to purchase, visit Isavela.

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