Every journey of transformation, especially those involving surgery, demands commitment and care at each step. As much as your resolve brings you to the operating table, the post-op recovery is where the magic truly unfolds. And one indispensable ally on this path is compression garments, more specifically, stage two compression garments.

After your surgery, your body initiates an impressive healing process. Your physician will likely recommend stage one compression garments, tailored to provide adequate support immediately post-op. These are durable garments featuring hooks, eyes, and reinforced seams to ensure uniform compression. This radial compression is critical in the immediate aftermath of surgery, and the garment's easy removal enhances comfort and convenience.

However, the journey doesn't end there. As you go into the second stage of recovery (typically between 2 to 8 weeks post-op), your body needs continued healing compression and support, and this is where stage two garments come in. Unlike their zippered counterparts, these garments are non-zippered, pull-on types that provide additional support to your newly contoured body.

With no zippers or eyes, these garments are comfortable and discreet under clothing, allowing you to resume your activities without worry. These second stage garments cater to the more intense therapy required as your body's healing progresses.

Around the fourth week post-op, your body won't produce as much fluid around the surgical site, making it an opportune time to switch to these more comfortable garments. We recommend the use of stage two compression garments, to continue with an optimal recovery and surgical results.

As your body evolves, you may need higher compression. Despite the reduction in fluid, swelling can still occur. In these cases, stage two garments offer the necessary high compression, fitting tightly to support the surgical site and reduce swelling. From weeks 7 to 12, your healing process should have significantly progressed, with up to 90% swelling reduction. This milestone means you may opt for tighter and firmer compression to continue shaping and defining your silhouette. Be patient with yourself, as recovery rates vary between individuals.

Remember, you've made a beautiful investment in yourself, and post-op care is an integral part of this journey. It’s a process that requires patience, self-love, proper nutrition, and the right compression garments. Embrace this transformative journey gently and joyfully because you are worth it!