Abdominal & Bariatric

Abdominoplasty Garments

Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, removes the “close to the skin” fat cells and skin and restores weakened or separated muscles. The fat cells do not grow back, and the abdominal area is smoother and firmer. Use of an abdominoplasty garment, girdle or abdominal binder will help keep the surgical area comfortably compressed and protected.

Bariatric Surgery Garments

Bariatric surgery reduces the size of the gastric band by removing or rerouting the small intestine to a small puch (gastric bypass). Patients often experience massive weight loss, which results in sagging and loose skin. Patients can benefit from using compression wear, as the excess skin will be supported and held tight to the newly contoured body.

Contemporary Design, Inc. offers various styles that are appropriate for use following massive weight loss or weight loss surgery procedures (i.e. gastric bypass surgery, bariatric surgery, etc.) in extended sizes (up to 6XL).

Abdominal - Isavela Compression Garments

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